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Spezi! Part Cola, Part Orange, All Bavaria

When you think of Germany, the first thing that comes to your mind might not be soft drinks. But it is one thing that I miss most about being over there.

One thing that I miss most is a drink called Spezi. Spezi comes from the southern German state of Bavaria. Spezi is a mix of cola and orange. It is made by the Munich based brewery, Paulaner.

Orange and cola is the perfect combination and can be found all over Bavaria. There are several different companies that offer their own version of the mix. This includes big players like CocaCola and Pepsi. Coke offers their version in Germany under the name "Mezzo Mix"

In the US Spezi can be hard to find but not impossible. I have found it both on amazon and at World Market. These are only available in cans as opposed to the glass bottles that they come in in Germany.

The US has gotten a small domestic taste of a cola-orange mix. Coca Cola has been offering their orange vanilla Coke. It's a nice mixture and worth a try. It is for sure cheaper than the import. But it's not quite the same.

Whenever I can crack open a Spezi, it takes me back to the Alpine mountain air and cobble stone streets of the modern city of Munich. It great, refreshing, and a whole lot cheaper than a plane ticket.

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